7 Effective Ways to Protect Your Business from a Ransomware Attack


Let’s face it…cybercrime is a real concern of everyday life here in America.  Whether it’s a thief putting a skimmer on a gas pump, someone hacking  your email (because your password was 12345) or ransomware attacks, we all need to be aware and prepared.  Today’s infographic from Hostnoc takes a look at the growing problem of ransomware attacks and how to protect your business against them.  Stay safe….and Happy Friday!!

…[ransomeware]  paralyzes your file system and encrypt all your data, making it inaccessible but will also ask you for a ransom to retrieve your data. Even worse is the fact that businesses don’t know whether they will get their data back or not even after paying the ransom.”


Hat tip to Hostnoc.com.



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