An International Perspective on Real Estate Investing in America


Brian Hamrick

We have all heard about immigrants coming to America and becoming highly successful….but what about in real estate investing?  In a recent episode of the Rental Property Owner & Real Estate Investor Podcast, host Brian Hamrick talks with an Australian man who came to America with no job, no family, no network, and little money –  he just had a “Gut-Feeling” that he could be successful! Nine years later and he controls over $150 Million in Commercial Real Estate, is a Best-Selling Author, and hosts a podcast about real estate investing.  How did get started?  At his local REIA!  G’day indeed….

“Reed is going to share how he made it all happen, starting with his first 3-Unit in a low income neighborhood. He’ll also share how he found a mentor who set him on the path to success, his perspective on the U.S. Real Estate Market V.S. the rest of the world, and the shifting Return-On-Investment expectations that investors should be realistic about.”

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