Author: Mark Faust

Mark Faust works with owners, CEOs and sales managers who want to grow their businesses. He is a growth consultant, bestselling author of "Growth or Bust! & High Growth Levers and a Coach to successful leaders." He has been a Growth Advisor, Speaker, and Turnaround Facilitator with Echelon Management since 1990.

Growth Through Procrastination By Mark Faust Have you put off implementing an effort—one that could significantly impact your business or life? We all procrastinate, but how we react to this alarm bell makes the difference. When there are initiatives that are painful but important for you to do, you can use a few insights and steps to help to unlock the chains of procrastination. This includes leveraging the turnaround mindset. It builds on three principles: All growth occurs in relationships. Your weakness can be your strength. Your crisis can be your gift. As entrepreneurs and successful leaders, we may think we…

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