Best Cities for Middle-Class Buyers

The City of Provo

The City of Provo, Utah.

What are the best cities for middle-class buyers?  Leave it to to put pen to paper and come up with a top-10 list of the best cities.  To come up with their list, they identified the middle class in each of the nation’s 100 largest metros by median household income for each area and then determining what these potential buyers could afford with a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage (at 5%) and putting 20% down.

“The Pew Research Center defines middle-class Americans as those households earning between $42,000 and $125,000 annually—although most hew closer to the $59,000 median. As a group, they face endless challenges: income stagnation, rising costs of living, ever-escalating debt loads.”

The top 10 best cities for middle-class buyers are:

  1. Provo, UT
  2. Des Moines, IA
  3. Austin, TX
  4. Raleigh, NC
  5. El Paso, TX
  6. Lakeland, FL
  7. Boise, ID
  8. Ogden, UT
  9. San Antonio, TX
  10. Dallas, TX

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