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Mention marijuana smoking and you will still turn a few heads, although not quite in the same manner that you might have 10-20 years ago.  According to Zillow, there are 34 states (and D.C.) in America that allow medical marijuana usage with 10 states (and D.C.) having some form of recreational use.  Zillow rightly points out that they don’t provide legal advice and recommend consulting with a qualified legal advisor before making any final decisions about your property – especially since it is still illegal at the federal level. However, this movement isn’t going away anytime soon, so do yourself a favor (due diligence) and be sure to familiarize yourself with your state’s laws and local regulations.  Indeed…

“As a landlord or property owner, you can decide if you want to allow tenants to grow marijuana on your rental property. Things to consider include electricity use from indoor growing lights or whether plants growing outdoors could encourage trespassers onto your property. You can prohibit growing altogether by including a clause in the lease saying so.”

Zillow says this map reflects each state’s laws around marijuana use as of 1/1/18.

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