How Much Debt Do Americans Have, by State?


How much debt do Americans have?  The folks over at recently put together an eye-catching map showing the average debt-load of Americans ranked by their respective state.  They utilized survey data after asking Americans how much debt they had – which included items such as a mortgage, credit cards, student loans, car notes and even medical bills.  Not surprisingly Hawaiians topped the list with an average debt load of $869,250.

“There really isn’t a clear pattern on the map: there are low-debt states sitting right next to high-debt states.”

Top 10 States Where People Have the Most Debt:

  1. Hawaii: $869,250
  2. Maryland: $284,851
  3. Texas: $185,584
  4. Oklahoma: $174,839
  5. Indiana: $166,844
  6. Nevada: $165,740
  7. Minnesota: $113,455
  8. Illinois: $98,309
  9. Maine: $91,183
  10. Virginia: $81,194

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