Small Town in Idaho Faces Dilemma as West Coasters Move-In


We have seen from recent moving data that Idaho is the top moving destination for folks seeking an interstate relocation.  And, if you’ve ever been there you can hardly blame them – the state is gorgeous.  A recent story in the Wall Street Journal (reposted on takes a look at a small town in Idaho experiencing rapid growth in population, mostly from California transplants.

“…Over the past nine years, Star’s population has doubled to more than 10,000. Most of the growth has come from people like the Turnipseeds who uprooted from the West Coast to the greater Boise area—known as the Treasure Valley—drawn by the promise of less stressful and more affordable living…”

“…The town’s main drag, where ranchers once drove their cattle, is clogged with traffic during rush-hour commutes. Sprawling subdivisions have sprouted up around farmland, as have new chain stores. The median home price has more than doubled…”

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