Top 15 Hottest Cities for Millennial Renters


We love posting about millennials, if for no other reason than just like every other generation they, too need a place to live.  In fact, they have now taken over from the Baby Boomers as the largest generation to date and make up a majority of our nation’s workforce.  With that in mind, the folks over at RENTcafé recently crunched the numbers from around 13 million renter applications across the country and identifed those cities where millennials represented the highest share of apartment applicants.  Indeed…

“One thing is certain about Millennials: If they flock to a particular city, that area will explode both economically and culturally. This generation has different views than its predecessors, preferring flexible jobs and experience-driven lifestyles that they seek out and develop in the cities they choose.”

Click here to read the full report at RENTCafé.


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