Topless Woman Steals Bulldozer, Drives Into Apartment Complex


You can’t make this stuff up, although you’ll need to use your imagination to figure out why.  According to Montana’s KRTV a woman stole a front-end loader from a construction site across town and drove it through and into a local apartment complex and then proceeded to elevate the front end and crawl into (and back out of) a 2nd floor unit.  Along the way she ran over a fence, damaged a car and hit the side a building.  There were no reports of injuries and she was later charged with two felonies for stealing the front-end loader and driving it into an apartment complex. No word on a motive.  Landlords, this might be a good reminder to make sure your insurance is up to date.

Molly Broxholm, an apartment resident, was woken up by the sound. She said that it appeared that the woman driving the excavator was topless at the time.  According to Broxholm: “Woke up to the sound of crunching thinking someone was doing yard work until we hear people yelling, looked out the window and saw this, on and smashing its way in. She then proceeded to climb into her window above us and get clothes.”

Many witnesses, including KRTV employee Andy Ashcraft, said it was quite the morning: “She actually ran into the side of my window, it shook the whole house. That’s when we went running outside thinking, ‘We better get out of here in case the building comes down,’” Ashcraft said.

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