Utility Costs in all 50 States


No matter where you live, or where you own properties, you’re paying utility costs.  A recent report by move.org (illustrated by howmuch.net) took a look at the average costs for five utilities across the nation – electricity, natural gas, internet, cable and water.  They analyzed data from several sources in order to give a true apples-to-apples comparison of costs across all 50 states.

The top 10 states with highest costs per month:

  1. Hawaii: $730.86
  2. Alaska: $527.96
  3. Rhode Island: $521.98
  4. Connecticut: $496.07
  5. New York: $477.31
  6. New Hampshire: $477.02
  7. South Carolina: $473.78
  8. Massachusetts: $469.13
  9. Vermont: $468.3
  10. Maine: $464.45

Click here to read the full report at howmuch.net.


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