Where Politics and Real Estate Investing Connect


Real estate investors need to be aware of not only the laws and governmental regulations of the areas in which they’re investing, but also, and perhaps more importantly, they need to know the political landscape as well.  A recent episode of the Rental Property Owner & Real Estate Investor podcast talked about the places where politics and Real Estate Investing connect and how real estate investors and landlords can support the candidates and legislation that, in turn, support the industry.  They have a conversation with RPOA president Tom Koetsier, a successful real estate investor that also sits on the Grand Rapids Planning Commission.  He also volunteers on RPOA’s Government Affairs Commission as well as being involved with RPOA’s Political Action Committee (PAC).

Remember;  Before getting involved politically, always do your due diligence by checking your state & local laws about campaign finance and political involvement.

Click here to listen at the RPOA’s website.


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