20 Most Dog-Friendly Cities


What are the best cities for America’s dog lovers?  Redfin and Rover (the pet-sitter & dog-walking site) recently put pen to paper to figure it out.  Redfin used data from Rover’s 14k+ cities to compile a list with the highest counts of walks, dog walkers and sitters, along with total hours, minutes and distance per walk by each dog walker or sitter on Rover.  Then,they cross-referenced that data with Redfin’s listings of homes for sale that had points such as proximity to dog parks, being dog-friendly, etc.  The list is fun and a reminder that America loves her dogs.

“Despite the notion that some people may wait to move to the suburbs to adopt a dog, urban cores still rank highest in dog friendliness. Cities renowned for leafy parks and outdoor activities like Seattle, Chicago and Denver claimed the top spots…”

Here is Redfin and Rover’s ranking of the most dog friendly cities of 2019:

City Rover Rank Share of Homes for Sale that mention “Dog” Walk Score Top Dog
Seattle, WA 1 2% 73 Labrador Retriever
Chicago, IL 2 4% 78 Mixed Breed
Denver, CO 3 4% 61 Labrador Retriever
Manhattan, NY 4 4% 89 French Bulldog
Washington, DC 5 1% 77 Mixed Breed
Portland, OR 6 2% 65 Mixed Breed
Los Angeles, CA 7 2% 67 Chihuahua
Brooklyn, NY 8 4% 89 Pit Bull Mix
San Francisco, CA 9 4% 86 Mixed Breed
San Diego, CA 10 2% 51 Mixed Breed
Philadelphia, PA 11 2% 79 Pit Bull Mix
Houston, TX 12 2% 49 Mixed Breed
Austin, TX 13 3% 40 Mixed Breed
Arlington, VA 14 3% 37 Mixed Breed
Minneapolis, MN 15 1% 69 Labrador Retriever
Alexandria, VA 16 3% 60 Mixed Breed
Dallas, TX 17 2% 46 Labrador Retriever
Atlanta, GA 18 5% 49 Mixed Breed
San Jose, CA 19 2% 51 Labrador Retriever
Nashville, TN 20 1% 28 Mixed Breed

Click here to read the full report at Redfin.com.


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