2018 Cost vs Value Report Reveals ROI from Upgrades


Remodeling Magazine recently released their 31st annual Cost vs. Value report that they say offers “an unbiased, third-party report on how much it really costs for a professional to do a typical remodeling project, as well as how much a real estate pro believes that project will increase a home’s value if it’s sold within a year of when the work was completed.”  Indeed, they compare 21 popular remodeling projects & upgrades with the value they retain when the property is sold in 100 U.S. housing markets.

“This year’s version finds a slight decline, to 56.8% in 2017 from 57.9% in 2016, in the average payback for 20 common professional remodeling projects in 100 major markets. That’s mainly because the cost of doing those projects went up for all 20, while values rose for only about two-thirds of them.”

Remodeling Magazine

Click here to red the full report at Remodeling Magazine.


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