American Cities with Fastest & Slowest Internet Speeds


How fast is your internet connection?  According to new data from Ookla (as illustrated by Statista) is has probably gotten a lot faster.  In fact, they report that speeds have increased over 35% in the U.S. lately making it the 7th fastest country for downloads worldwide.  So who has the fastest speeds in America?  That would be Kansas City, Missouri.  And the city with slowest average speeds?  Memphis, Tennessee – but that’s still plenty of bandwidth to binge-watch something on Netflix!

“Google Fiber is the fastest Internet service provider in three of the top five cities with the fastest speeds for downloading. The situation isn’t as rosy elsewhere, however, with things still moving along at a snail’s pace in Memphis. That city only has an average download speed of 44.86 Mbps by comparison.”

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