America’s Smartphone Addiction


Smart phones….they’ve become one of our tools of the trade and an indispensable appendage of our daily lives.  How could we ever live without them, you might ask?  Have you ever left the house without your phone and had that “kicked in the gut” feeling?  What about good etiquette?  The folks over at statista have posed the question, by asking is it “Time for Digital Detox?”  You be the judge, but their data is certainly interesting and I’m sure we all have some of these habits……Happy Friday!

Ever since the first iPhone arrived in 2007, smartphones have gradually taken over our lives. We use them to listen to music, take photos, follow the news and sometimes even to make phone calls. They have become a constant presence in both our professional and our personal lives. However, the endless stream of information and stimuli from our phones tends to wreak havoc on our ability to focus on one task at a time, which is why many people feel the need to limit their phone usage.

Hat tip to statista.



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