Author: Kim Tucker

Kim Tucker is the Executive Director of the Mid-America Association of Real Estate Investors.  They are a trade association for Real Estate Professionals in the Midwest. Based in Kansas City, Missouri and have members from all over the metro area and from across the country. 

Yuck, Stinky Yellow Walls – Selling a Smoker’s House: Tips to Remove Smoke Residue and Get It Sold By Kim Tucker Ok, it’s time to sell your home, either your home or maybe you have inherited a home or you are helping a loved one downsize. The only problem, someone smoked in the house and now the walls are covered with yellow nicotine stains, and let’s face it, it just plain STINKS! So how do you remove Smoke Residue when selling a smoker’s house? According to, smoking in a home can reduce the resale value by 29% because all…

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