Breaking Down the 2020 Presidential Race


In case you didn’t notice, there is a presidential election taking place this year on November 3rd and along with it come all of the requisite primaries and caucuses happening across the fruited plain.  It’s exciting and it’s part of the rich fabric of America!  Previously, we’ve posted about the importance of staying informed about local issues as well as developing working relationships with elected officials.  And, let’s not forget that most of those men & women who represent us in Washington are up for election this year!  For now, let’s focus on that ever-so-lively race to be the nation’s chief executive.

Click here for the current delegate count (both parties).


Listed below are the various primaries, caucuses and scheduled debates (subject to change under the current circumstances):

Date Contest
Jan. 14 Iowa Democratic debate
Feb. 3 Iowa caucuses
Feb. 7 New Hampshire Democratic debate
Feb. 11 New Hampshire primaries
Feb. 19 Nevada Democratic debate
Feb. 22 Nevada Democratic caucuses
Feb. 25 South Carolina Democratic debate
Feb. 29 South Carolina Democratic primary
March 3 SUPER TUESDAY:  Alabama primaries; American Samoa Democratic caucus; Arkansas primaries; California primaries; Colorado primaries; Maine primaries; Massachusetts primaries; Minnesota primaries; North Carolina primaries; Oklahoma primaries; Tennessee primaries; Texas primaries; Utah primaries; Vermont primaries; Virginia Democratic primary
March 10 Idaho primaries; Michigan primaries; Mississippi primaries; Missouri primaries; North Dakota Democratic caucuses; Washington primaries
March 12 Virgin Islands Republican caucuses
March 14 Guam Republican caucuses; Northern Marianas Democratic convention; Wyoming Republican convention
March 17 Arizona Democratic primary; Florida primaries; Illinois primaries; Northern Marianas Republican convention; Ohio primaries

NOTE:  OHIO  – mail-in ballots by April 28, no rescheduled in-person date.

March 24 Georgia primaries NOTE:  rescheduled to May 19th

American Samoa Republican caucuses

March 29 Puerto Rico Democratic primary
April 4 Alaska Democratic primary; Hawaii Democratic primary;

Louisiana primaries; NOTE:  rescheduled to June 20

Wyoming Democratic caucuses;

April 7 Wisconsin primaries
April 28 Connecticut primaries; NOTE:  rescheduled to June 2

Delaware primaries

Maryland primaries;  NOTE:  rescheduled to June 2

New York primaries; Pennsylvania primaries; Rhode Island primaries

May 2 Guam Democratic caucuses; Kansas Democratic primary
May 5 Indiana primaries NOTE:  rescheduled to June 2
May 12 Nebraska primaries; West Virginia primaries
May 19 Kentucky Democratic primary; NOTE:  rescheduled to June 23

Oregon primaries

June 2 District of Columbia primaries; Montana primaries; New Jersey primaries; New Mexico primaries; South Dakota primaries
June 6 Virgin Islands Democratic caucuses
June 7 Puerto Rico Republican primary
July 13-16 Democratic convention, Milwaukee, Wis.
Aug. 24-27 Republican convention, Charlotte, N.C.
Sept. 29 First presidential debate, Notre Dame, Ind.
Oct. 7 Vice presidential debate, Salt Lake City, Utah
Oct. 15 Second presidential debate, Ann Arbor, Mich.
Oct. 22 Third presidential debate, Nashville, Tenn.
Nov. 3 Presidential election


Since it would appear that President Trump will almost certainly receive his party’s renomination for President (UPDATE: Trump has secured enough delegates for renomination), the map below shows the states and their corresponding delegate counts for the Democrat Party:

The maps above are for Democrat Party Delegates


And finally, when it comes time for November 3rd general election, the chart below shows how many electoral votes each state gets for President:

Total electoral votes: 538; majority needed to elect: 270


Click here for the current delegate count (both parties).

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Click here to view an interactive calendar at

Click here to read “The 19 election nights you need to know for the 2020” at the Business Insider.

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