Comparison of 4G vs. 5G Wireless Network Speeds


With mobile phones pretty much becoming ubiquitous and landlines rapidly disappearing we have seen a steady increase in the speed and reliability of mobile phone networks across the country.  Lately, the “5G” wars have started to intensify as this new generation of coverage starts to fully roll out.  But what exactly is behind the hype and when will we see it?  After all, we heard it all before with 3G and 4G/LTE.  Statistical news site Statista says that when it does get here it’ll be really fast.  Indeed….

“Both peak and regular use download speeds as well as other specs of the new service dwarf existing 4G/LTE specs. The service also offers improved latency (the lag from giving an order to a device and the carrying out of that order), bandwidth and a much higher number of simultaneous carriers. This improvement is especially crucial for the development of services like autonomous driving and the like.”

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