Congressmen Sleeping in Offices Cry Poverty


It might be hard to be sympathetic about this one.  For years, many Congressmen have slept in their offices during their time in D.C. conducting the “people’s business.”  Most cite austerity & conservatism as their reason and many actually wear it as a badge of honor.  However, a recent article on points out that several Congressmen are crying poverty, saying the high costs of D.C. housing is forcing them to sleep in their offices.   Perhaps if they spent less time in Washington and more time reducing the size of government this wouldn’t be an issue.  Keep in mind that Members of Congress make in excess of $174k.

“Crying poverty amid decade-long stagnant salaries and Washington’s steep cost of living, an increasing number of House lawmakers have turned into professional squatters at night, hitting the sack in their Capitol Hill offices…”

“‘Washington is too expensive,’ said Rep. Dan Donovan (R-SI), who credits the cot that he sleeps on in a tiny alcove in his office as the reason he is able to serve in Congress while still paying his New York City housing costs.”

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