Did Someone Get Killed in that Property You’re About to Buy?


When you’re researching a property, have you ever wondered, “did someone ever die or get killed here???”  An eerie online site called DiedInHouse.com will, for a small fee, generate a report using millions of records to determine if a death occurred at any valid US address.  Their reports can also contain information about that death as well as any meth lab activity, fires or other data that might be available but unknown to potential buyers (or even the seller).

According to an article on Forbes, the service was founded several years ago when its founder went searching for information after one of his tenants asked him if he knew his property was haunted.

“I went online to find a ‘Carfax’ of sorts for deaths in homes and I didn’t find anything, but I did find pages and pages of people asking if there’s a way to find out if their house is haunted,”…He later learned through his data collection that, in fact, at least 4.5 million homes nationwide have had documented deaths take place on the premises…”

Indeed…Happy Halloween.  For more information visit DiedInHouse.com.

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Director of Education & Outreach, National Real Estate Investors Association