Fastest Growing Retirement Towns


Where are all the retirees settling down?  According to a recent article on, the coming “gray-tsunami” is reshaping real estate markets across the nation.  They say that 1.2 million people aged 55+ relocated out of state in 2018 –  a record high.  To that end,  they looked at all metros across America with 1/4 of the population aged 60+, filtered the listings for phrases like “aging in place,” “senior-friendly,” and “ground-floor master bedrooms,” then looked at the numbers of those 55+ moving to the area.  Interestingly, they point out one aspect of this cohort that they say is troubling:

“…Boomers have less in retirement savings than previous generations, a vexing problem, since they’re expected to live longer than their parents, according to the Stanford Center on Longevity. They’ve only socked away a median $209,000—while one in three have no nest egg at all for their so-called golden years…”

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