Governments Target Rental Application Fees


If you own rental property you will want to listen to this one.  In a recent episode of the Rental Property Owner & Real Estate Investor Podcast, Brian Hamrick discusses rental application fees with RPOA’s Executive Director Clay Powell about recent moves by the Grand Rapids, Michigan City Council to institute a rental application fee ordinance.  This is an issue that has ramifications nationwide and affects landlords, property managers as well as the people they’re trying to serve. It is about property rights and could actually inhibit the ability to provide affordable & safe housing to those that need it most.

“As tenants find it increasingly difficult to locate and afford housing, those communities and their elected representatives are pointing the finger of blame at landlords, investors and property management companies, and looking for ways to legislate our behavior in order to solve this problem.”

Click here to listen on the RPOA’s podcast site.


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