Half of California Voters Considered Moving Over High Housing Costs


A recent poll from none other than the University of California, Berkeley, reveals that 52% (of the nearly 5k registered-voters polled) said they had given “serious” or “some” consideration to leaving California and that most of them cited high housing cost as part of that reason.  In fact, 71% of all respondents cited housing costs as the reason they had considered leaving California, followed by high taxes (48%) and the state’s political culture (46%).   In addition, Reuters pointed out that the study’s authors said “that the partisan and ideological differences in voters’ feelings about living in California had widened even since 2013.”  Indeed…

California is considered a deeply blue state in presidential elections, voting reliably for the Democratic candidate each year since 1992. Both houses of its state legislature and the governorship are controlled by liberal Democrats.

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