Higher U-Haul Prices Reflect Exodus from High-Tax Cities & States


We have seen a lot of stories over the past few years about migration from high-tax & high cost of living areas to ones that are lower on both accounts.  One reliable metric has been the price of one-way U-Haul rentals.  A recent report on FOX Business zeroed-in on this phenomenon by highlighting how people are in fact moving to areas with better “climates” with prices reflecting said demand.

A spokesperson from U-Haul declined to comment on specific migration patterns, but did say prices often reflect ongoing trends.  “When there is a substantial difference in pricing for the same one-way equipment, and for the same dates, between two markets, it is reasonable (and generally accurate) to conclude there is far greater demand for one-way equipment in the market reflecting higher costs for departures,” the spokesperson said.

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