Increase Your Wealth Exponentially with Apartments & Multifamilies


Anthony Chara

Recently, National Apartment Expert Anthony Chara sat down with the RPOA Podcast to discuss how to increase your wealth exponentially with apartments & multi-family properties.  Chara has invested in over 1,700 units worth over $45 Million in value.  On this episode, he shares with Brian Hamrick how his apartment investments weathered the great recession, how he finds and funds his opportunities, the types of due diligence he does on the property and the market, and why its so important to know whether the city & state is tenant or landlord friendly.  He also shares the challenges he’s faced when taking over a struggling property – including the details of a completely vacant 96-unit he acquired for $311k where the seller committed fraud by previously cooking the books.  Anthony will also be speaking at the 2018 Michigan Landlord & Real Estate Investor FREE Conference and Expo, on February 22-24, 2018.

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