Landlord Receives a Little Extra Rent from Tenant to Help Others


The Coronavirus pandemic has taken a heavy toll on people and businesses all across the nation.  It seems like daily we see doom & gloom stories about the economy and effects of the Covid-19 disease on everyday Americans.  However, a REIA-leader from St. Louis’s Metro-East REIA recently shared a note with us that a landlord passed along to her.  The note is from one of his tenants that included an extra $100 for “another tenant who isn’t as fortunate.”  The kindness and generosity of someone’s simple action can be a humbling experience.  It can serve as a reminder that there are many people, often-anonymous, out there helping others get by, day by day, as we all do our best during this national emergency.  Indeed…

Hat tip to Susan at Metro East REIA!


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