Lawmakers Are Pushing FEMA to Sell Flood Insurance During Partial Shutdown


A program that millions of Americans rely on to protect themselves from the financial risks of flooding might be in jeopardy due to the partial government shutdown (taking place as of this posting).  As reported by Politico, a bipartisan effort on capitol hill are pressuring FEMA to seek a reversal of a decision that reportedly ignores congressional intent, as Congress recently passed legislation intended to reauthorize the flood program’s operations through May, 2019.

“Awful,” one congressional aide said of the agency’s decision. “FEMA botched it.”

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UPDATE from HousingWire (12/27):
FEMA rules to not renew National Flood Insurance Program during shutdown

“The NFIP was among the things affected by the partial shutdown. The latest National Flood Insurance Program extension was wrapped into the spending bill that funded the government until December 21, 2018, meaning it also expired Saturday. The NFIP can now no longer sell or renew policies, while existing policies will remain in effect until their expiration date.”

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