Letters from 1800s Discovered in Walls of Massachusetts Rehab


A homeowner in Westborough, Massachusetts that was having rehab work on her home got more than she bargained for.  According to Boston TV’s Channel 25, when contractors were performing the work on the 19th century home they discovered a trove of dozens of historical letters and items from the 1870s behind one of the walls.  Apparently, the items fell through from the attic at some point and remained hidden and in remarkably good shape all these years.  No word on whether the potential value of the find is able to cover the rehab costs.

The letters are written from sons to a mother, from mother to sons…”These are beautiful letters with beautiful penmanship,” said homeowner Christine Anthony.  “Talking about farming and trying to buy a farm and trying to get more stock for his farm. And sharing that with his mother. It’s really a beautiful thing,” said Anthony.

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