New Startup Buys Your Home and Rents it Back to You


With homeowners sitting on record amounts of equity a new startup will buy a home and rent it back to the [former]owners for up to five years.  It’s called EasyKnock and they say that with their “Sell and Stay program,”  homeowners can access their home’s equity (in as little as 21 days) by selling it to them, allowing the owners to stay put and not upend their lives.  They also allow the home to be repurchased at any point.  They say homeowners “get the money you need, on terms you can control.”  Indeed…

“Our Sell and Stay program, the first residential sale leaseback program in the United States, is an alternative to traditional equity release and refinancing programs. Our program enables homeowners to access their equity without having to move. With Sell and Stay, homeowners have the flexibility to repurchase their home or move at any point.”

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