Real Estate Investors Encounter Booby-Trapped House


Here’s one that will make you think twice about that next flip.  A group of real estate investors in suburban Philadelphia discovered a booby-trapped swinging knife that could have either killed or seriously wounded someone walking up the stairs. According to news reports, the investors were checking out out an abandoned house they had just purchased to rehab when one of them them noticed a peculiarity on the staircase.  Interestingly, they were filming the inspection tour and caught the whole thing on video. Indeed….

A staircase inside the three-bedroom home was rigged with a line of string, running parallel and about 4 inches high over one step, he said. If anyone had tripped that string, it would have triggered a crutch with a knife attached to it to fall from above.

“Whoever did this was a genius, like Stewie,” Uysaler said, referring to the violence-obsessed character on the popular TV cartoon “Family Guy.”  “If you lift your foot you would have caught that line, and the knife would have come swinging down to your throat or face.”

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