Refrigerators & Ovens Get Hygienic Makeover During Pandemic


The Wall Street Journal is reporting (reposted on that refrigerators, ovens and other appliances are getting a hygienic makeover during the Covid-19 pandemic.  They say manufacturers are rolling out home appliances featuring sanitizing heaters and ultraviolet light as shut-in consumers seek these types of upgrades.  In fact, the WSJ calls it a “hard pivot toward hygiene” as the pandemic is showing no sign of letting up.  Indeed…

According to Mark Choe, a senior vice president at Samsung’s digital appliances business division, “all of our product development now is being done through the lens of hygiene.”

“…virus-weary buyers are perking up everywhere. Household appliances are breaking down faster than before with increased use as people shelter at home, and existing malfunctions have now become more intolerable. As travel remains limited because of the pandemic…”

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