The Most Desired Tiny Homes on the Market


By now we’re all used to seeing reality TV shows with half a million dollar, 2-bedroom ranch on a slab house somewhere out west (usually California).  Now we’ve come across a list from Redfin with the top 10 most desired tiny homes on the market right now….and guess what, they’re all out west and they’re not cheap – especially when you consider how much square footage you get!  To get their list, Redfin looked at actively listed single-family homes under 600 sq. feet in more than 80 markets.  Six of their top 10 tiny houses are in California and the other 4 are in Washington.  Go figure?

The tiny home trend emerged in 2008 when the subprime mortgage crisis took hold and many homeowners were forced to downsize. Since then, the hype has continued with the rise of television shows like HGTV’s ‘Tiny House Hunters’. There have even been zoning laws approved allowing construction of tiny-home-only communities like this one in Rockledge, Florida.


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