Tips to Tidy-Up for Tenants


Spring fever: Tips to tidy up for tenants

By Lance Allen, Merchant-Cleaning, The Home Depot

Spring is a popular time for tenants to move out of rental homes and the perfect time for owners to upgrade and refresh investment properties. Here are tips and techniques that will help you get your properties ready for the rest of the year.

Update cleaning equipment

While cleaning supplies may not seem like a market rife with innovation, products like the Rubbermaid Maximizer Looped-End Mop feature new technology to help you move faster. The mop provides 30 percent more coverage and weighs 25 percent less than standard mops. With a water-resistant fiberglass handle, the Quickie Jobsite Push Broom is also lightweight and ideal for heavy-duty jobs like construction debris, sidewalks and garages. This equipment will help owners finish projects efficiently and comfortably.

Monitor moisture levels

The warmer spring weather brings the potential for mold. Common areas that contain mold are rooms that have moist surfaces, like the bathroom or kitchen. Caulked areas, like the tub or sink, are also a common spot for dirt and mildew collection. Examine these areas for signs of water damage to prevent mold growth. In addition to obvious signs like buckling floors and chipping paint, water detection devices can recognize high moisture levels and unseen leaks before they get out of hand.

Filter the air

Approximately 50 million Americans suffer from outdoor allergies, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. As spring pollen sweeps across the country, one of the most important steps to help prevent symptoms is replacing air filters. Filters should be replaced every one to three months to minimize dust and pollen buildup.

Revamp the exterior

As the low temperatures dwindle, check the property to see if there is any leftover damage from harsh winter weather. Roofs, irrigation systems and landscaping are common problem areas. For big jobs like repairing gutters or updating landscaping, use trash bags that are large and reusable. Demobags are 42-gallon, tear-resistant bags made of a tarp-like material that can handle up to 110 pounds of debris and trash. They can be reused up to 5 times, making cleanup much quicker, especially if you’re working on more than one property.

Once damage has been repaired, look for opportunities to enhance curb appeal with a good cleaning. Stock up on multi-purpose cleaners, which are good for any job and will take off dirt, grease and grime. When possible, choose concentrated solutions in large quantities for significant savings. ZEP Citrus Degreaser, for example, comes in a 3.5 gallon size that can make up to 56 gallons by diluting with water in re-usable bottles. This will help save hundreds on cleaning materials and prevent unnecessary trips to the store.

Go green

Cleaning solutions can overpower grime, but they often have harsh chemicals. Today, eco-friendly products are a good substitute to get the job done without any chemical smell or effects. The Home Depot has an extensive selection of products, including eco-friendly, non-toxic options like Simple Green and Tub O’ Towels.

Follow these simple tips to present your property as the best in the area and attract top tier residents. It’s a spring cinch!


Lance Allen joined The Home Depot in 2014 in product development and is currently the national Cleaning Merchant. With ample experience and background working with tools, hardware and paint, Lance has the knowledge to help the consumer and PRO meet all their product needs.

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