America’s Ten Most Expensive Neighborhoods


Odds are, you probably don’t live in one of these neighborhoods, but you might….However if you own rental property in one of them you might be sitting pretty.  In that vein, the folks over at put together a list of the 10 most expensive neighborhoods in the country.   To come up with their list, their team pulled median listing prices fromJune 2017 to May 2018 (12 months) to find the ZIP codes with the highest home prices.  They included only ZIP codes with an average of at least 12 listings per month, to make sure the results weren’t skewed by a few big-ticket sales.  They also limited it to just two ZIP codes per state and no more than one ZIP code per metro area.  You may recall a few months ago when we posted about the richest ZIP codes in America.

“…And there’s one way the ultrarich are just like the rest of us: Their largest spending category tends to be in real estate. After all, nothing says success like a megamansion in an exclusive area—or several!…”

The top 10 neighborhoods are:

  1. Atherton, CA
  2. Los Altos, CA
  3. Tribeca in New York, NY
  4. Medina, WA
  5. Fisher Island in Miami Beach, FL
  6. Glenbrook, NV
  7. Beacon Hill in Boston, MA
  8. Woods Hole, MA
  9. Snowmass, CO
  10. Wilson, WY

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