Wallpaper Detects, Resists, & Warns of House Fires


 Fire-resistant wallpaper withstands flames, while a thermosensitive sensor triggers an alarm of sound and light. Credit: Chen et al. ©2018 American Chemical SocietyThis has to be one of the more interesting forms of new technology we’ve seen in a while.  Science site Phys.org is reporting that researchers have designed special “fire alarm wallpaper” made of environmentally friendly, nonflammable materials (go figure?) that can detect a fire as well as prevent it from spreading and even sound an alarm. Apparently, when the wallpaper material is exposed to heat, it is transformed from an electrically insulating state into an electrically conductive one, causing it to automatically trigger an alarm that generates warning sounds and lights.

“Compared with flammable commercial wallpaper, the fire-resistant wallpaper is superior owing to its excellent nonflammability, high-temperature resistance, and automatic fire alarm function,” Zhu told Phys.org.  “The fire-resistant wallpaper has a white color, mechanical robustness, and high flexibility, it can be processed into various shapes, dyed with different colors, and printed with a commercial printer…”

Click here to read the full story on science site Phys.org.

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