Why Some Renters Chase Jobs & Others Chase Locations When Moving


What is the motivation behind long distance moves among renters?  A new study from ApartmentList takes a look at why some renters chase jobs and other choose locations when moving to new areas.  They surveyed over 20k Apartment List users about their decision-making process and then divided the respondents into two categories;  Job-first movers and Location-first movers.  In order to focus on renters who made the big moves, they limited their sample to non-student renters who are currently living in a metro other than where they grew up. Interestingly, they found that, nationwide, 46.5% of new-metro movers were job-first movers, however that varies significantly by education level & location.

“…Residential mobility has been a defining feature of the American Dream, from westward expansion to the Great Migration, but long-distance moves are at a historical low. While overall mobility remains low, renters are significantly more mobile than homeowners, and new data show a recent uptick in inter-state moves for millennials to pre-Recession levels.”

Click here to read the full report at ApartmentList.com.


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