8-Episode Crash Course on Crowdfunding


Last month we featured a link to an episode in new video series called “Crowdfunding with Cat” that delved deeper into the new rules for equity crowdfunding.  This week Entrepreneur is featuring the “Crowdfund with Cat” Cliff’s notes with links to all 8 of her first season.

“If you are interested in learning more about what it means to invest in a startup through equity crowdfunding or how to raise money through more traditional, donation-based crowdfunding, then welcome. This is your video-tutorial-introduction-to-crowdfunding crash course. Here’s a complete list of each episode we have published so far. ”

Episode 1: Equity Crowdfunding Explained — Jargon Free

Episode 2: Investing in Startups Is Opening Up to the ’99 Percent’

Episode 3: Who Is Equity Crowdfunding Right For?

Episode 4: How Does an Investor Make Money With Equity Crowdfunding?

Episode 5: 3 Foundational Secrets to Running a Rockstar Crowdfunding Campaign

Episode 6: A Successful Crowdfunding Campaign Needs a Video. Here’s What It Should Look Like.

Episode 7: Here’s Your Game Plan for When and How to Communicate With Your Crowdfunding Backers

Episode 8: Women Are Better Crowdfunders Than Men. Here’s Why.

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