ABODO: Rents Are Still Rising


National apartment listing site ABODO recently reported that the median nationwide rent price for one-bedroom units in May was $1,074 with two-bedroom units coming in at $1,325.  ABODO uses over 1 million listings across the United States to calculate the median 1-bedroom rent price by city, state, and nation and then track the month-over-month percentage change. To avoid small sample sizes, they restrict their analysis to cities meeting minimum population and property count thresholds.  Be sure to check out their extensive city list.

“We saw more volatility in May as near double-digit rent increases and decreases headlined our report. We contrast this with a steady but upward stock market trend that portends well for a gently expanding economy…..we just don’t think we are going to see a severe economic downturn appear quickly, so we are cautiously predicting a modest continuing increase in apartment rental prices.”



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