Apartment List’s Renter Migration Report for Q2


We often post about where people are moving around the country – it’s good data.  The folks over at Apartment List recently released their Renter Migration Report for the 2nd quarter.  To come up with their numbers, they analyzed searches form their website to see where users were preparing to move.  Interestingly, they point out that this particular report takes on added significance as it provides an early glimpse into how  trends might be affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Indeed…

“This mix of urgency and uncertainty reflects the unprecedented nature of the current situation. On one hand, it seems that the renters who are most serious about moving are more likely to remain active in their searches, and that some renters may have even pushed up their move dates, perhaps to try to get in a move while it was still possible, or to try to take advantage of perceived softness in the market. On the other hand, even those renters who want to move soon are unsure that they’ll actually be able to do so, reflecting uncertainty that is likely tied to both public health and economic factors.”

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Click here to read the full report at Apartmentlist.com.


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