Author: Jeffery S. Watson

Jeffery S. Watson

Jeffery S. Watson is an attorney who has had an active trial and hearing practice for more than 25 years. As a contingent fee trial lawyer, he has a unique perspective on investing and wealth protection. He has tried over 20 civil jury trials and has handled thousands of contested hearings. Jeff has changed the law in Ohio four times via litigation. Read more of his viewpoints at

Litigation To Successfully Challenge The CDC Eviction Moratorium By Jeffery S. Watson There are two important legal concepts that apply to every lawsuit:  standing and jurisdiction.  For a person to be a party to a lawsuit, such as a Plaintiff, they must have actual standing.  In the case of challenging the CDC moratorium, they have to be a landlord with tenants who have filed the affidavit recommended by the CDC, and these tenants are not paying full rent.  Obviously, a national association such as the National Association of Real Estate Investors (NREIA) does not qualify to have standing to bring…

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