CA landlords Settle Alleged Fair Housing Violation Involving Service Animal


HousingWire is reporting that a group of California landlords recently settled a lawsuit with a tenant and a fair housing group over allegations of discrimination involving a service animal.   The agreement “resolves allegations that the owners and their agents discriminated against a female tenant with disabilities who requires an assistance animal”, requires the the landlords to develop a reasonable accommodation & modification and requires them to pay the woman $31k and the fair housing group $41k

The fair housing group alleged that the woman, who lived at the property for more than 15 years, was discriminated against through retaliation due to the presence of her assistance animal. The allegations say the landlords issued false accusations that the animal was disruptive, that it bit maintenance workers and that it was not a service animal under California law.

Ultimately, the woman’s Housing Assistance Program voucher was cancelled, forcing her to find housing elsewhere.

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