Popeyes Chicken Offers Emotional Support Chicken for Holiday Travelers


A while back we had a post about a woman and her emotional support peacock trying to board a United Airlines flight at the Newark Airport.  Now, in the spirit of humorous holiday travel (and a good marketing gimmick to boot) the Popeyes Chicken location at the Philadelphia Airport (Terminal C) is offering hungry holiday travelers an “Emotional Support Chicken.”  As reported by AdWeek, it comes on the heals of recent questions & controversy about emotional support animals being allowed on flights without limits or any certification.  In addition, AdWeek reports that Delta Airlines is no longer allowing puppies or kittens as emotional support animals after experiencing an 84% increase in negative incidents (biting, peeing, etc) in 2017 involving emotional support and/or service animals on Delta flights. However, Popeyes assures travelers that its Emotional Support Chicken is “permitted to fly without any restrictions.”  Indeed…

“The brand admits it’s poking some fun at the recent news around emotional support animals, which some see as an anxiety-reducing boon while others see as taking advantage of a loophole to bring just about any animal on board an airplane without transporting them through the official channels.”

Click here to read the full story on AdWeek.


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