Best Metros for Working Remotely


In today’s business world is not uncommon to find people working from Starbucks or even the confines of their own home.  In fact, with ever-increasing internet speeds, it is not unheard of to have a connection as fast or even faster away from the traditional office.  We even had a post recently about cities with the fastest internet speeds.  With that in mind, Zillow looked at the nation’s 100 largest metros using Ookla’s Speedtest over a fixed broadband connection and ranked their performance.  Then, they compared that ranking to Zillow’s median home value for each area to which they conclude that the results present some interesting opportunities for those digital nomads looking for a new homebase.

“Work from anywhere with an internet connection” is a common refrain in today’s growing tech economy. If you want both a fast internet connection and an affordable home, use this list to discover the location of your new remote “office.”

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